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Grant and SharonCooke Livestock is located south of Blackie, Alberta, near the foothills of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Grant & Sharon Cooke are third generation grain and cattle farmers in this area. Black Angus cattle have been the breed of choice in the family for the past three generations.

In 1992 we purchased 46 registered Black Angus heifers to start the Circle C breeding program. The first purebred calves arrived in 1993. We liked the good dispositions and vigor of the cows and calves – we were hooked on Black Angus! Our purebred herd now numbers over 300 head.

As the years progressed we developed our breeding program by purchasing the best genetics that we could find. We believe that investing in the right bulls is the best business decision breeder can make. For the past four years we have been aggressively buying the finest bulls that we could find. These bulls have proven pedigrees with high performance traits that they pass on.

The cows in the Circle C breeding program come from diverse back grounds; however they all have similar phenotype. They are wide, deep bodied and feminine. These cows were selected for their maternal traits, calving ease, genetics and eye appeal. We prefer moderate framed cows that are easy doing, productive and efficient. Good disposition is another important quality that we consider when deciding if we will keep a cow family in our breeding herd.

Our goal has been to build a breeding program that will consistently produce cattle with performance, eye appeal and strong maternal values. Since cattle ultimately sell by the pound performance is vital, however what they bring by the pound is determined by how the cattle look. With these traits in mind, we strive for a balanced breeding program.

The cattle industry continues to deal with economic challenges. We understand the importance of producing bulls that are functional, sound and easy to handle. Our program focuses on producing breeding bulls that have calving ease, early growth and feed conversion efficiency. We take pride in breeding black bulls that will be “herd improvers” for the commercial cattlemen.

Grant Sharon and KristaThe Circle C breeding program is a family affair. In addition to her outside duties, Krista maintains the records and registrations using the “HerdMASTER” program. Grant has the vision and enjoys the challenge of breeding the best cattle he can. Krista and Grant regularly consult on which cattle to purchase and which ones to cull. Sharon is the hospitality coordinator, buys a few cows and works on the website.

Our farm has been approved for the Verified Beef Program. The cattle are pastured on 1350 acres. In addition we produce our own silage and hay and rent the rest of our land out for grain production. We value our land and endeavor to improve and preserve it for future generations.

Each year we have a good selection of bulls for sale - please check out our sale page for details. We also have quality Black Angus heifers available for private purchase as well as a good selection of semen packages.

Thank you for visiting our web site. Enjoy!

Best Regards,
Grant, Sharon & Krista

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